[rb-general] Reproducible Builds - New logo and styleguide process

Anxhelo Lushka anxhelo at ura.design
Mon Jun 4 18:25:07 CEST 2018

Hello everyone, Anxhelo from Ura Design here. The Reproducible Builds project and Ura Design have worked together in these last couple of months via the help of OpenTechFund in order to create a new logo and styleguide for Reproducible Builds.

The process has been documented with meetings in the Reproducible Builds IRC channels and the voting process for the new logo and wordmark involved the community to produce decisions based on the likeness of the majority.

The project is now close to wrapping up and we are proud to introduce the work we have done. The logo and other assets reside in the project page on Identihub, software we are developing for asset management and which you probably are familiar with during the logo voting process. You can see the assets here: https://demo.identihub.co/project/reproducible-builds

The 'living styleguide' is built with Jekyll and is currently hosted on GitHub Pages via our repo: [https://uracreative.github.io/reproducible-builds-styleguide/](repo:https://uracreative.github.io/reproducible-builds-styleguide/)

The styleguide includes guidance on fonts, colors, typography and contains all the components and assets such as the logo in various formats. The styleguide itself is also accessible using high security settings in the Tor Browser (with JavaScript disabled).

Note: While some styleguides might have trackers to 3rd parties, we removed any here. That means fonts are loaded directly from the repo instead of Google Fonts.

It can help users create materials and answer questions they might have about using the Reproducible Builds identity correctly.

Feel free to migrate the git repo to Debian infrastructure and let us know once you did so. The CSS files for Bootstrap, scripts and fonts are all included in the repo.

A follow-up report will be posted on our blog soon for the whole process. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at [#ura](https://chat.ura.design/ura-design/messages/@elioqoshi#) on Freenode IRC. If needed, we can schedule a last meeting to walk you through the styleguide and new identity.

Thanks again to everyone involved!



Anxhelo Lushka
Frontend Designer
Ura Design
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