[rb-general] reproducible builds logo irc meeting #1

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Sun Feb 4 13:50:58 CET 2018


so I"m sitting here with Elio at FOSDEM to discuss creating a logo for
the reproducible builds project. To start the logo design process we
want to have a first irc meeting to discuss and hopefully agree by
consensus on how our logo should look visually, based on the drafts on 

If we cannot find consenus, we will vote in two diffeerent rounds and
ways: first by giving everyone attending (and being involved in r-b) the
option to say "i cannot live with *this* logo". if we dont find one or two
winners by this round, we"ll have "traditional" voting after that...

More exact rules / voting procedures should be defined in that irc
meeting, for which we want to find a time and date via this
dudle poll: https://dudle.inf.tu-dresden.de/rb-logo-1/
(all times are UTC and are based on Elio timezones).

The idea is that based on our decision in this irc meeting Elio
will create a logo design draft for us, which they will again put on the
logo wiki page. Then we will have another irc meeting to discuss+decide
whether we are happy or how to make us happy. Then another, hopefully
final draft on the wiki page and a final irc meeting.

Hoping this makes sense, and works out.

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