[rb-general] transitive collision resistance [was: rb formalism]

Eric Myhre hash at exultant.us
Fri Dec 21 14:10:40 CET 2018

Folks, if there's something to say about hashes that can be answered by 
a quick trip to Wikipedia or your other favorite fount of public 
knowledge, please consider doing so... this is discussion, though 
liveliness is good, is starting to seem like a significant divergence 
from the core purposes of this mailing list.

For what it's worth,


is a lovely page, as is


which talks about the long and well-studied history of how hashes compose.

And if you didn't like the parts of the earlier thread about rb 
formalisms that mentioned "h", then just mentally elide it.  By and 
large, it didn't matter: it's an efficiency boost, but if you'd rather 
see any uses of "h" as "this should be plausible as a primary key in 
some table", that's just fine.

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