[rb-general] [bootstrappable] Re: GNU Mes 0.19 released

Arne Babenhauserheide arne_bab at web.de
Mon Dec 17 21:56:57 CET 2018

Ricardo Wurmus <rekado at elephly.net> writes:

> Hi Arne,
>> Do you have a document showing the bootstrap path — ideally in graph
>> form, i.e. with plantuml activity diagram?
>> http://plantuml.com/activity-diagram-legacy
> You can see the current bootstrap path here:
>     https://bootstrappable.org/projects/mes.html
> This is without the path from virtually nothing to mes + mescc tools,
> i.e. mes and mescc tools currently are bootstrap binaries here.

This is really cool! Thank you!

>>>  - use Gash to remove bash, coreutils&co, grep, sed, tar from the Guix
>>>    bootstrap binaries
>> Is this about configure+make?
> You can see in the graph that “bootstrap-binaries” is a collection of
> statically linked binaries including tar, gzip, patch, coreutils, etc.
> Most if not all of these could be removed with Gash.

I do not see gmake in there. Is that covered by one of them, or can it
be built with them?

Best wishes,
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