[rb-general] Bug#916021: lintian: Please check for references to build directory

Daniel Shahaf danielsh at apache.org
Tue Dec 11 10:04:06 CET 2018

[fixing bug's address in Cc]

Dmitry Bogatov wrote on Mon, 10 Dec 2018 19:49 +0000:
> I believe, most of us keep repositories of git packages somewhere under
> ~/.  For example, for me, ucspi-tcp package is located at
> /home/iu/devel/salsa/ucspi-tcp.
> So my workflow is following:
>  $ cd /home/iu/devel/salsa/ucspi-tcp
>  $ dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc
>  $ lintian
> And here lintian could check, that generated binary packages does not
> contains references to /home/iu/devel/salsa/ucspi-tcp.

So what's the rule?  Lintian should check that the current working
directory lintian runs from doesn't appear in the build output?

This will false positive if lintian is run from the root directory, and
also going to make lintian's own output dependent on the phase of the
moon, in that
    % lintian ../build-outputs/foo.deb
    % cd ../build-outputs
    % lintian foo.deb
would produce different outputs.  I would say that's undesirable.

(This isn't a made-up example; 'pdebuild -- --buildresult=../build-outputs/'
— that's a verbatim dot-dot meaning the parent directory, not an
ellipsis — is part of my regular workflow.)

However, the buildinfo file already includes the build directory
in the Build-Path header.  Would it be sensible for Lintian to check
that the value of the buildinfo "Build-Path" header doesn't appear in
the .deb's?



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