[rb-general] Bug#916021: lintian: Please check for references to build directory

Chris Lamb lamby at debian.org
Sun Dec 9 23:07:39 CET 2018

tags 916021 + moreinfo

[Adding rb-general at lists.reproducible-builds.org to CC]

> please add check, that files in binary packages do not refer to build
> directory. See (#915511) for example.

This seems like it would have quite the overlap with reproducible
builds in that we are essentially checking for this already there.

Also related is the fairly new "uses-dpkg-database-directly" tag that
essentially looks for instances of "/var/lib/dpkg":

> I believe the following strings should raise warning:
>  /build/{name}
>  /build/{name}-{version}

Unfortunately, these are surely buildd-specific and, for example,
would not catch problem on my local setup (/tmp/buildd as it

I think a somewhat more reliable approach would be called for here.
Suggestions welcome.

>  $PWD

Do you mean the literal string "$PWD"? If so, there is surely nothing
errant with a script in /usr/bin along the lines of:

  echo "$PWD"


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