[rb-general] List of fully reproducible OSes?

David A. Wheeler dwheeler at dwheeler.com
Sat Aug 18 18:12:19 CEST 2018

On August 18, 2018 10:40:41 AM EDT, Holger Levsen <holger at layer-acht.org> wrote:
>Hi Jean-Philippe,
>On Tue, Jul 31, 2018 at 04:14:52AM -0400, Jean-Philippe Ouellet wrote:
>> Is there a maintained list somewhere of operating systems which (at
>> least claim to) have achieved fully-reproducible release ISOs?
>no such a list does not exist, yet(?)
>it's also not an easy / straighforward list to create and maintain, as
>some projects don't produce ISOs, others don't release any binaries
>(coreboot is such an example), yet others provide instructions how to
>make their base system reproducible (NetBSD and FreeBSD) and so on and
>so on, eg the Tails ISO is reproducible but some of it's parts are not
>Also, there are less projects which have been verified
>*independently*, repeatatly.
>> I'm aware of at least Tails and NetBSD. Presumably there are
>as other replied, there are others. And as I've tried to outline above,
>are several aspects to "reproducibility".
>> I'm looking for mature efforts to study and compare approaches of
>> build system structure, tooling, dependency management, etc.
>I think you'd need to come up with such a list yourself, and ideally in
>a collaborative place ;)
>	Holger
>                    holger@(debian|reproducible-builds).org

I would love to see such a list, with urls and caveats.
--- David A.Wheeler
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