[rb-general] Logo Voting: Wordmark & Color

u u at 451f.org
Tue Apr 24 13:35:00 CEST 2018


> Thanks for voting on the logomark!

Thanks for working on it!

> Now we are onto the last stage, deciding on the color and font family used for the logo.
> I set up a new voting page to have a look at all the options:
> https://demo.identihub.co/project/r-b-final-logo-voting

I have some general remarks:

- I think it would serve the project best to use memorable colours.
  → My personal opinion is that "Color Option 3" works best in that

- As for the fonts it seems like the idea is that the word
  "Reproducible" uses a fatter font face, while "Build", being bigger,
  looks thinner. I think that this choice looks still a bit too
  well-behaved currently and not daring enough. (If it was my work, I
  would exagerate it a tiny bit more. But let's talk existing options.)

  - The Exo font is a bit more techy, but it feels much too agitated to
    me and my eyes cannot rest because it is so uneven.
  - In my opinion, the thin/fat scheme currently works best with the
    Lato font, but this font is not vertically aligned well enough.
  - The Montserrat is a very beautiful yet simple font, and vertically
    aligns best.
  - Overpass would work, but if I may suggest to alter some letters:
    - cut the second stroke of the u in "Builds" to align with the p in
      "Reproducible". Do that for the "r" in "Reproducible" to align
      with the l in "Builds", too. By cutting I mean, reuse the diagonal
      cut of the original font and adapt.
    - If that would be possible I think it would make up for a very
      original logo.

Summary: Option 3 & using an adapted Overpass would be a good choice for
the project in my opinion.


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