[rb-general] alioth deprecation - next steps

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Fri Apr 20 23:59:04 CEST 2018

On Wed, Apr 18, 2018 at 07:58:21AM +0000, Peter Palfrader wrote:
> We don't think we should point alioth.d.o things to other places in DNS.
> We can, on a case by case basis, provide http 301 redirectors for
> specific sites to non-alioth names for a time.  (A year, two, three.
> Not, however, for forever.  So there needs to be a clear commitment to
> start publishing and using the new name.)

ok, cool.

we'll show this commitment by activly updating all previous blog posts
to point to the new name and only & activly promote the new one.

we'll open a DSA ticket once the new home is alive.

thanks so far!

> The target of the redirect may also be run with DSA's help on debian.org
> infrastructure, or not.  Again, these are case-by-case discussions.

we'll be fine having that on reproducible-builds.org infrastructure,

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