[rb-general] Clarification re SOURCE_BUILD_EPOCH and clamping

Ximin Luo infinity0 at debian.org
Thu Oct 19 11:13:00 CEST 2017

Holger Levsen:
> On Wed, Oct 18, 2017 at 03:12:00PM +0000, Ximin Luo wrote:
>> Sorry for the long delay, I've pushed a pu/1.1 branch, it's built here:
>> https://reproducible.alioth.debian.org/DRAFT.html
> yay! thanks for pushing this forward again.
>> It includes me relaxing my original requirement (that I added in a1409cb) of not overwriting the variable.
> looking at "git diff 1.0..pu/1.1" I see quite some other changes and I'm not
> sure I'm happy with all of them. (eg the 2nd <para> changed…)

If you're referring to the addition of the "reproducible" part, I felt it was needed in case people took the relaxing of overwriting as an excuse to set arbitrary values, which is actually surprisingly allowed by the spec. (But in the current version it doesn't matter so much because dpkg-buildpackage sets the variable once and the spec doesn't allow any overwriting.)

> And I really think the "changelog" should cover all the changes.

It does cover the semantic changes. The wording tweaks aren't supposed to affect anyone, just tighten up potential misinterpretations. I'd rather not clutter up the changelog with details that don't affect anyone.

>> In the interests of pushing this forward, I plan to publish this
>> "officially" in about 1 week unless we get more comments.
> tagging that 1.1 would make it official, without quotes. but please don't do
> this next week, just a week before the summit, where we have a much better
> oportunity to release this with a nice consensus. that said, I'm all for preparing
> this consensus in the days leading to the summit!

Given that version 1.0 was finalized "ruthlessly" without consensus (see the commit message) and for some reason wiped out my name from the main authors list for two years, I am *not* happy with the amount of bureaucracy version 1.1 apparently now has to go through. Just saying. Whatever, let's see how it goes.


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