[rb-general] Database scheme archlinux

kpcyrd kpcyrd at rxv.cc
Mon Nov 20 02:24:42 CET 2017


some patches later jenkins seems to build reproducible archlinux
packages (yey!). To find those, you have to search for packages with
test result "probably failed to build from source, please investigate",
and two successful build logs.

I'm obviously not done yet, so my options are currently some temporary
hackery, or doing the migration from filesystem to database that was
already done for the debian builds.

I know where the database code is located, but it might be a good idea
to talk about the database scheme for a second before rebuilding the
archlinux html generation code. :)

It seems the scheme is currently explicitly for debian. The pragmatic
idea would be creating a different table for archlinux results to avoid
interfering with other scripts, but I'm open for input here.


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