[rb-general] Paper rough sketch about reproducible builds...

Ximin Luo infinity0 at debian.org
Mon May 15 17:40:00 CEST 2017

Hi Justin, could you add me to the repo? My github username is infinity0.

As a note for others, on Debian you need to install the "texlive-science" package for "make" to work.

I'm not sure about this part:

> [..] We propose a more precise goal, specifi-
> cally dictating *where* reproducible build bugs should be fixed
> rather than just focusing on the goal of making builds re-
> producible. [..]

This is nice as an ideal goal, but I didn't think we're ready for it yet. I don't see this expanded in the rest of the paper though. Did you have some more concrete ideas towards it?

Regarding SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH, it should be noted that it's somewhat of a "compromise" solution. The general motivation is described here:


You should probably also mention buildinfo files, and how they differ from things like Dockerfiles which I briefly touched upon in the other thread, "Regarding Zero Install manifests". The general motivation is described here:


and in slightly-more precise theoretical terms here:



Justin Cappos:
> Added a few more changes from Bernhard, moved the PDF to another branch...
> https://github.com/JustinCappos/reproduciblebuildpaper/blob/paperpdf/paper.pdf
> Justin
> On Thu, May 11, 2017 at 10:42 AM, Justin Cappos <jcappos at nyu.edu> wrote:
>> Thanks Bernhard, I've worked in the things you mentioned.  Please let me
>> know if I've covered the points adequately.  I also added in some comments
>> and text from Daniel Shahaf.
>> The paper is now up in a repo on github.  https://github.com/JustinCapp
>> os/reproduciblebuildpaper  Assuming I remember to build, you will always
>> find the latest PDF here: https://github.com/Justi
>> nCappos/reproduciblebuildpaper/blob/master/paper.pdf
>> I have also removed the prior paper, so the link to the old PDF will not
>> work.
>> If you think you will contribute to the paper, please send your github ID
>> and I'll add you to this repository.  Feel free to add comments / text
>> directly.  I'm also happy to do so in response to feedback sent via email,
>> but I may be a delayed and buggy way to get your thoughts across.
>> Thanks,
>> Justin
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