[rb-general] Paper rough sketch about reproducible builds...

Justin Cappos jcappos at nyu.edu
Thu May 11 16:42:58 CEST 2017

Thanks Bernhard, I've worked in the things you mentioned.  Please let me
know if I've covered the points adequately.  I also added in some comments
and text from Daniel Shahaf.

The paper is now up in a repo on github.  https://github.com/JustinCappos/
reproduciblebuildpaper  Assuming I remember to build, you will always find
the latest PDF here: https://github.com/JustinCappos/

I have also removed the prior paper, so the link to the old PDF will not

If you think you will contribute to the paper, please send your github ID
and I'll add you to this repository.  Feel free to add comments / text
directly.  I'm also happy to do so in response to feedback sent via email,
but I may be a delayed and buggy way to get your thoughts across.

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