[rb-general] rb-prefix-map spec: don't be as democratic to consumers

Ximin Luo infinity0 at debian.org
Tue Mar 14 15:35:00 CET 2017

Daniel Shahaf:
> [..]
> Or alternatively, Ximin if you could explain what part of my message
> wasn't clear, I'd be happy to clarify it.
> [..]

Basically, I don't see how the current spec (with the semi-open mapping algorithm) breaks any of the use-cases you described:

> I was thinking of a different use-case.  One use-case, the "two libxz's"
> example, is that of an upstream project that wants to allow multiple
> downstreams to build it reproducibly, regardless of which compiler those
> downstreams use.  Each individual downstream would use either gcc or
> clang, but the upstream project needs to support both.

Can you describe this in more detail?


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