[rb-general] Funding for next year

Marcus mstreets at linuxfoundation.org
Thu Jul 6 18:36:37 CEST 2017


I want to start this conversation now, well before it becomes an issue.

While last year it was looking as if the CII's budget was going to grow,
we have had a number of set backs, in particular, while we were hopeful
of significant US government funding, the change in administration has
meant the DHS have less money to give us, we have had a number of
founder members decide they cannot renew and it is proving hard to sign
up new members.

Hopefully we will be able to turn the large number of prospects into
signed up members. If we can close half those deals this will not be a
problem, But if we don't my budget is looking to be tight next year.

Now this does not mean that we will not be able to fund the project, but
it does mean we need to be very clear about what we are funding.

What we will need for next year is specific plans for what everyone is
delivering and preferably a plan to deliver some significant new - for
example new tooling around the rebuilder concept we were discussing in

What I want to do is start working on the plans now, so we can ensure
the members of the Investment Committee are aware of what we are trying
to achieve - and are therefore more likely to vote to continue funds.


Marcus Streets

Programme Director

Core Infrastructure Initiative

Linux Foundation

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