[rb-general] openSUSE r-b test results

Bernhard M. Wiedemann reproduciblebmw at lsmod.de
Tue Jan 10 12:07:07 CET 2017

I just finished rebuilding all of openSUSE:Factory again.
Using the common approach of double-build with variations in date+time+hostname
implemented in my "rebuildmany" / rb4 script in the reproducibleopensuse repo.

contains all resulting diffs (after our build-compare filters)

This was setting SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH 
and using 'osc build' that normalizes UID, umask, build path, locale, TZ etc

my rbstats scripts summarized the results thus:

total-packages: 9918
build-tried: 9918
build-failed: 1025    
build-n-a: 63
build-succeeded: 8830  
build-official-failed: 45
build-compare-failed: 598
build-compare-succeeded: 8232    
bit-by-bit-identical: 0

so still plenty of work to do, even before we start reducing the filters in build-compare

Bernhard M. Wiedemann
software engineer

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