[rb-general] Moving the source-date-epoch spec git repo

Ximin Luo infinity0 at debian.org
Thu Feb 23 11:46:00 CET 2017

Chris Lamb:
> Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
>> But it seems like inclusion of code and test cases could be done without
>> merging the two repos.
> I agree with this; let's keep them separate unless we can come up with a
> really compelling reason. Love the idea of testcases for BUILD_PATH_PREFIX
> though!

The compelling reason is to reduce overhead, to avoid having to remember several git URLs and to clone several repos at once. We will very likely publish more documents in the future (about rebuilders, distributing buildinfo, unified buildinfo format, etc etc etc) so this saves more work now.

I checked that no visible URLs point to the repo; they all point to the built documentation at r-b.org. So I don't need to change any existing URLs.

I was thinking of simply using the source-date-epoch repo's history and committing on top of that, but even if this were not the case, it's entirely possible to merge two git histories that started from different repos, with different root commits.

The cgit/git thing is just me copying and pasting, both will work.


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