[rb-general] RFC: Reproducible Builds Hackathon, April 7-9 in Hamburg

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Mon Feb 6 16:56:49 CET 2017


during FOSDEM it became very clear to me that it's high time to organize the
Reproducible Builds Hackathon, if we want to do it in (European) spring (cause
summer won't work and autumn is far away) and with a somewhat reasonable
advance warning (because else too many won't be able to make it).

(The idea is to have a hackathon, that is, we sit together and hack on stuff
together or alone… so a different thing compared to the two summits we had.)

So I just called my local+favorite venue (www.dock-europe.net) in Hamburg
(Germany) to ask for availability for weekend dates:

- I excluded March, too early
- March 1st-3rd (Saturday-Monday) would be fine
- April 7th-9th (Friday-Sunday) would be fine
- April 14th-16th is easter weekend and I'm not available
- April 22-23 and April 29-30 weekend: venue not available

So, in my previous query about possible dates only one person wasn't available
for these April dates… 

So: are you available and interested to have a hackathon in April in Hamburg?
(from 7th to 9th…)

Or should we aim for later (May 5-7), possibly somewhere else (maybe again
Berlin as re-publica will take place in Berlin from May 8-10)? The 2nd weekend
in May would again not work for me…
I'm not really in favor of the March 1st-3rd date, as that's to soon, in my 

I'm fairly certain we can get the venue (including proper rooms to hack and beds
in sleeping rooms) there sponsored, probably (maybe) even food and travel, but
this still needs arranging…

Comments welcome.

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