[rb-general] 3rd openSUSE rb tests

Bernhard M. Wiedemann reproduciblebmw at lsmod.de
Sun Feb 5 10:32:27 CET 2017


This time with 76% bit-identical rpms.

I also wanted to find out, how reliable that number is
and took a sample of 194 packages supposed to be reproducible
and did two double-builds of them on another host
with lxc and kvm mode of osc build.

This turned up 4 packages that did produce 2 different results on double-build
and of the remaining 190 packages, another 4 were not matching the previous builds (but some of that could also be due to non-constant build-deps and ~3 days in between these builds).

So that is an error of 4%.

Bernhard M. Wiedemann
software engineer

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