[rb-general] informal meetup at FOSDEM, Saturday 1400

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Fri Feb 3 15:09:47 CET 2017


in the last IRC meeting we decided to have a spontaneous reproducible builds
meetup at FOSDEM, on Saturday, at/around 1400 (localtime) in the Cafeteria in
between the K and H building. (Its the only food place inside a building on
the FOSDEM map.)

Provided we find space there I'd suggest to meet in the lower part of the
cafetaria, so that we are a bit away from the food queues…

The meeting shall be an informal gathering without much agenda, rather used 
to meet old and new folks, connect each other and have spontaneous discussions.

Please speak up ASAP if you know of an interesting talk happening at the same
time, so we can then move this an hour earlier or later…

	Holger, sorry for the late notice…
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