[rb-general] a logo for reproducible builds

u u at 451f.org
Tue Dec 19 18:26:00 CET 2017


Holger Levsen:
>> #11 because this is the most poetic idea
> i agree its poetic but i'm not sure its the right image for us... also
> its hard to turn this into a logo...


> that said: i'm not sure the cake baking forms are the best
> representation of our very broad idea of "building" (cooking), but maybe
> brennan and elio can pick up the idea and create something new?

You mean "real guys" build things with real stuff that lasts? ;)

Jokes aside, I like the proposals by Elio and Brennan. I like in
particular the written "reproducible builds" in #23. But I have some
criticism about the proposed logo itself. I love the "impossible form",
but isn't reproducible builds about making the impossible possible?
Could the B) form merge on the bottom right, instead of being open -
this would maybe better convey the idea of a closed circuit.

The cubes are not so much my favorites, nor is the double circle-gon.


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