[rb-general] [FOSDEM16] Reproducible FreeBSD and variants

Fabian Keil fk at fabiankeil.de
Thu Feb 4 11:55:15 CET 2016

Steven Chamberlain <steven at pyro.eu.org> wrote:

>   * ElectroBSD - Getting a reproducible BSD out of the door (Fabian Keil)
>     https://fosdem.org/2016/schedule/event/electrobsd/

The slides are online now:
> Applying very high standards to what makes a free and secure OS,
> this project is something like a linux-libre equivalent based on FreeBSD
> (de-blobbed), with privacy enhancements (having Tor installed and
> disk encryption enabled by default).

Small correction: Tor is not part of the base system and no
packages are installed by default.

> It is self-hosting and builds reproducibly from source using a native
> ElectroBSD build environment, as an intended feature.  But it seems only
> variation in time, hostname and CPU has been tested yet and not other
> things.  The situation with Ports will be the same as for FreeBSD, I
> think.
> The release images are not reproducible since they are a UFS filesystem
> built by makefs.  But I think I already wrote a patch for this!
> http://sources.debian.net/patches/patch/makefs/20100306-6/maxtime-option.diff/
> I will soon rebase that on FreeBSD-CURRENT and send it upstream.

Great. I was able to manually reproduce an image with
your patch and added it to the ElectroBSD patchset.

Somehow the image is still not reproducible automatically and
unfortunately I didn't have time to look into this yet, as I'm
on my way to another conference. It's probably something trivial,
so I hope that the ElectroBSD memstick images will be reproducible
in the near future.

A slightly redacted ElectroBSD patchset is available online now:

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