[rb-general] Patch for gettext (0.19.7)

Ricardo Wurmus rekado at elephly.net
Fri Dec 16 08:55:09 CET 2016

Pierre Pronchery <khorben at netbsd.org> writes:

> Here is am updated patch for Gettext, using SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH instead of 
> the modification times. It seems to work for me. It is much simpler than 
> before... There is no error checking for the variable to be correctly 
> formatted though.

There is a previous Debian patch that makes xgettext use


However, Bruno previously stated that they consider patching xgettext to
be wrong, which is what prompted us to look for alternatives (such as
determining the last modification time).  Bruno and Daiki both prefer
stripping the timestamp from the generated .mo files instead of changing
the behaviour of xgettext, which is what John’s patch does:


…which is now part of gettext:



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