[rb-general] [FOSDEM16] Reproducible FreeBSD and variants

Fabian Keil fk at fabiankeil.de
Fri Apr 8 14:51:02 CEST 2016

Fabian Keil <fk at fabiankeil.de> wrote:

> Steven Chamberlain <steven at pyro.eu.org> wrote:
> >   * ElectroBSD - Getting a reproducible BSD out of the door (Fabian Keil)
> >     https://fosdem.org/2016/schedule/event/electrobsd/  
> The slides are online now:
> https://www.fabiankeil.de/talks/reproducible-electrobsd/
> > The release images are not reproducible since they are a UFS filesystem
> > built by makefs.  But I think I already wrote a patch for this!
> > http://sources.debian.net/patches/patch/makefs/20100306-6/maxtime-option.diff/
> > I will soon rebase that on FreeBSD-CURRENT and send it upstream.  
> Great. I was able to manually reproduce an image with
> your patch and added it to the ElectroBSD patchset.
> Somehow the image is still not reproducible automatically and
> unfortunately I didn't have time to look into this yet, as I'm
> on my way to another conference. It's probably something trivial,
> so I hope that the ElectroBSD memstick images will be reproducible
> in the near future.

Welcome to the near future.

The problem is that makefs adds the files in the order they are
returned by the file system instead of respecting the order of
the mtree specification (like bsdtar does).

One trivial workaround is to build the release image from tmpfs
instead of ZFS. Lo and behold:

[fk at kendra ~]$ sha256 /dpool/images/ElectroBSD-r297696-a6e57f0-j*/ElectroBSD-r297696-a6e57f0.img
SHA256 (/dpool/images/ElectroBSD-r297696-a6e57f0-j1/ElectroBSD-r297696-a6e57f0.img) = a2f2b02bfa958e8386fe12c98428e6e94a2b52dfadc677177d00e3407a90907a
SHA256 (/dpool/images/ElectroBSD-r297696-a6e57f0-j2/ElectroBSD-r297696-a6e57f0.img) = a2f2b02bfa958e8386fe12c98428e6e94a2b52dfadc677177d00e3407a90907a

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