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 <!doctype html>
 <html lang="en">
+- hide slides which are too debian specific but might be useful later in a more debian specific talk.
+- try not to assume knowledge about debian release processes.
+slide: maybe the talk title should have been: _my_ first 10 years...
+slide: disclaimer: i'm a debian dd but i run tests for a lot of other projects, with more or less help/usage from them.
+slide: r-b is now barely a teenie. I look forward to it being grown up, so in 8 years, I hope to be able to let it go.
+slide: this talk is about my r-b story since 10y. r-b existed at least 30y ago.
+slide: what is r-b (intro etc.)
+slide: gcc r-b in 199x
+slide: mail from 1997
+slide: bitcoin & torbrowser in 2012
+slide: debconf13
+slide: ccc talk 2013
+slide: fosdem 2014
+slide: camp 2015
+slide: talks at debconfs
+slide: recent mail from wireguard
+slide: why? threat models
+slide: supply chain attacks. SBOM. presidental directive.
+slide: what does this mean for free software? unclear, but we do the technical groundwork & non black boxes *require* open source.
+slide: distro details:
+slide: free- & netbsd
+slide: fedora (show makro enabled thing)
+slide: archlinux (mention: they are great. have rebuilders. pacman-bintrans a model for debian and everyone else.)
+slide: f-droid
+slide: nix
+slide: guix
+slide: honorable mention: trisqel
+slide: ubuntu, mint, rhel
+slide: macos, windows, google android
+slide: debian:
+	columns: stretch buster bullseye bookworm
+	rows: amd64 arm64 i386 armhf with percentages
+slide: trixie, forky & probably 2 more until 100% reproducible Debian stable.
+	100% reproducible is a politcal task, not technical.
+slide: funding over the years
+slide: rebuilders (rebuild Debian on every point release? as in: publish those .buildinfo files as one tar archive maybe?)
+slide: SBOMs are boring, we know them since 2014 or so.
+	verified SBOMs are cool: = have been used to verify = reproduce a build
+slide: r-b summits, 5 so far, next to come.
   <meta charset="utf-8">
   <title>Reproducible Builds - the first ten years</title>
@@ -261,7 +309,7 @@
           <li class="fragment">Who knows about Reproducible Builds, why and how?</li>
-          <li class="fragment">Who contributes to Reproducible Builds?</li>
+          <li class="fragment">Who contribute(s|d) to Reproducible Builds?</li>
           <li class="fragment">Who knew that Reproducible Builds are known for more than 10 years?</li>

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