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Hi team of LISTS!

I honestly can't believe this day has come. We're excited to announce that Remodo VC [http://bit.ly/RemodoVC-universalremote-for-Web-Conferencing]  is live on Indiegogo now! Giving everyone unprecedented productivity on web conferencing in your home office and home school.

Link to press release and media kit: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14_bDCsw4IGJsgxTfLMRmLQdE-Spz4yu9?usp=sharing [https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14_bDCsw4IGJsgxTfLMRmLQdE-Spz4yu9?usp=sharing]
<<BACK US NOW!>> [http://bit.ly/RemodoVC-universalremote-for-Web-Conferencing]

Let's check out Remodo VC [http://bit.ly/RemodoVC-universalremote-for-Web-Conferencing]  features:
● Easily Mute & Turn Camera On/Off  - features dedicated buttons for MUTE and toggling the CAMERA ON/OFF, removing the need to look for the mouse, the cursor and the icons to function
● Swap between Zoom, MS Teams and other meetings with 1 Click  - 3 dedicated hotkeys for back-to-back video conferencing on Zoom, Webex, MS Teams, etc.
● Mobile App for Easy Programming  - allows users to custom program their favorite keyboard shortcuts via the mobile app - to perform functions such as Screen Share, End Call, Screen Capture and Raise Hand
● Function as Presenter Remote/Clicker  - allows users to seamlessly transition between slides and also freezing frames on the projector
The Remodo VC  is available starting at US$33, by pledging to the Indiegogo campaign, the Remodo VC  can be purchased for under the retail price of US$48. Our ultimate goal is to amass US$6,500 in funding.

Get more information about Remodo VC  and our Exclusive Rewards  for students and teachers

- 3  months  free [http://bit.ly/RemodoVC-universalremote-for-Web-Conferencing]  access to Deltapath's Dolby-grade web conferencing account, and a FREE GIFT [http://bit.ly/RemodoVC-universalremote-for-Web-Conferencing]  for anyone who shares our campaign - a mobile app privilege  to use the Remodo VC as an IR extender.

Please don't miss our campaign video [http://bit.ly/RemodoVC-universalremote-for-Web-Conferencing], we put a lot of effort in making it.
<<Back Us Now>> [http://bit.ly/RemodoVC-universalremote-for-Web-Conferencing]

Hope you would love our project as we are! We invite you to share our campaign to all of your platforms, bringing everyone great news for their working and studying life!

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You can make our days a little bit brighter! We sincerely hope you'll be part of it with us.
Thank you,

<<Back Us Now>> [http://bit.ly/RemodoVC-universalremote-for-Web-Conferencing]

<<Visit Our Website>> [http://remodo.net]

<<Press release & Media kit>> [https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14_bDCsw4IGJsgxTfLMRmLQdE-Spz4yu9?usp=sharing]


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