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-#### Upstream issues
+**Welcome to the November 2019 report from the [Reproducible Builds]({{ "/" | prepend: site.baseurl }}) project. 👌**
+{: .lead}
+[![]({{ "/images/reports/2019-11/reproducible-builds.png#right" | prepend: site.baseurl }})]({{ "/" | prepend: site.baseurl }})
+In our monthly reports we attempt outline the most important things that we have been up to recently. As a reminder on what our little project is all about, whilst anyone can inspect the source code of free software for malicious changes most software is distributed to end users or servers as precompiled binaries. Reproducible builds tries to ensure that no changes have been made during these compilation processes by promising identical results are always generated from a given source, allowing multiple third-parties to come to a consensus on whether a build was compromised.
+In this month's report, we will cover:
+## Software development
+#### Upstream patches
+The Reproducible Builds project detects, dissects and attempts to fix as many currently-unreproducible packages as possible. We endeavour to send all of our patches upstream where appropriate. This month, we wrote a large number of such patches, including:
+* Arnout Engelen:
     * [`OpenSC`](https://github.com/OpenSC/OpenSC/pull/1839) (generate consistent docbook id's)
+* Bernhard M. Wiedemann:
     * [`python-oslo.reports`](https://review.opendev.org/693327) (drop unneccesary files with randomness)
     * [`perl-HTTP-Cookies`](https://github.com/libwww-perl/HTTP-Cookies/pull/56) (fix FTBFS-2025)
     * [`sql-parser`](https://github.com/hyrise/sql-parser/pull/133) (sort find/readdir)

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View it on GitLab: https://salsa.debian.org/reproducible-builds/reproducible-website/commit/79fae47f9b72ce30dd018aa3aef26244ceaa7779
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