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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Publish week 156


Anders Kaseorg (1):
      Reorder tar arguments so --no-recursion takes effect

Bernhard M. Wiedemann (1):
      Fix openSUSE website link

Brett Smith (1):
      berlin2016: List Conservancy consistently as a participant.

Chris Lamb (89):
      Update Git location.
      ``Which is restrictive? "That" is restrictive.''
      Add Aspiration attribution.
      Add some more margin to aspiration logo.
      Smaller logo.
      Cosmetic grammar improvements to Berlin 2016 page.
      Link to WebConverger on "projects" page.
      Use a better "resources" link.
      Use .com for webconverger, not .org.
      WebConverger -> Webconverger
      update Guix logo
      Drop tab (!)
      Add FreeBSD, MacPorts and Tor Project to projects represented at Berlin 2016 summit.
      Misc updates to Berlin post.
      Build -> Builds.
      Remove extra underline before "ReproBuilds" twitter link in footer.
      Add reprotest to tools.
      Add @ prefix to Twitter handle.
      Split clone onto its own line.
      Replace tab with spaces
      Add some talks I've done.
      Tidy CSS layout of talks.
      Avoid an unsightly "widow" word in this title.
      Hide some components on mobiile browsers
      Tidy the spacing on the mobile navigation select dropdown
      tools.html: diffoscope also available on PyPI.
      tools.html: Add trydiffoscope.
      Add Debconf15, Skroutz.gz and MiniDebconfCambridge15 talks to resouces page.
      Adjust comma usage in definition.
      "a version control checkout" -> "a checkout from version control".
      Drop "some" - it is either implied or clarified immediately after.
      Use "eg." to avoid inline "for example."
      Drop unnecessary inline "for example" under artifacts.
      "usually not" -> "not usually"
      secondary -> ancillary. It captures the idea they are supporting rather than "2nd tier."
      "achieved" -> "performed".
      Avoid duplicate "... of the build environment."
      Replace "a build log" with "build logs"; don't imply anything special about any log.
      Reflow paragraphs.
      who.html: Make rb-general searchable on the page.
      tools.html: Underscore that disorderfs is deliberately adding such randomness.
      Drop superfluous "such".
      Add Valerie's talk to resources page.
      Add Reproducible Builds: Two years in the trenches LCA 2017 talk.
      Link to http://reproducible.alioth.debian.org/releases/ from tools page.
      Correct link to Aspiration's report.
      Add missing trailing "
      Add 13 missing talks.
      Update some metadata for existing talks.
      Add OpenEmbedded to projects page after IRL discussion at LinuxCon China.
      Correct ordering.
      Clarify link to full definition.
      Cachebust CSS files.
      Add recent talks to resources.html.
      Use <tt> for SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
      Please do -> Please
      Drop random extra </a>
      Move the "contribute" page from the Debian wiki to /contribute/. Not perfect, but getting the ball rolling.. :)
      Add missing ) -- thanks to itd for the patch.
      prebuilder -> reprotest
      $ sed -i -e 's at a href="ReproducibleBuilds/@a href="https://wiki.debian.org/ReproducibleBuilds/@' contribute.html
      $ sed -i -e 's at a href="Bug:@a href="https://bugs.debian.org/@' contribute.html
      Add a 'blank' Jekyll layout.
      Add a (redirecting) /docs/source-date-epoch/ page so we have a canonical URL on r-b.org.
      Make all headings bold.
      RWS3: Huge number of formatting improvements, typo fixes, capitalisation & add section headings to make splitting up easier.
      Add support for pages that do not appear in the header bar.
      Misc updates.
      Update email for site to rb-general.
      Drop trailing slash from site.url
      Migrate "Reproducing R packages" from weekly blog repository.
      Add initial framework for migrating blog posts.
      Add initial script for migrating old blog posts.
      Migrate old blog posts (albeit unlinked / hidden)
      Set a nice title for the RSS feed.
      Sort RSS feeds.
      Use markdown, not literal HTML, for migrated [[!bug ... ]] etc.
      Use 'published', not 'date' so Jekyll does not fill in a default.
      Support draft posts.
      Show blog.. here goes!
      Move draft for 156 from blog.git.
      Add generate-draft{,.template}
      Don't render anything under bin/
      Add lzop reference from blog.git
      157 += foss-north.se <http://foss-north.se/2018/speakers-and-talks.html#clamb>
      published as https://reproducible-builds.org/blog/posts/156/

Clemens Lang (12):
      Add initial info on the Berlin 2016 meeting
      docs/test_bench: Fix URL for Debian variations
      Equalize width of <p>, <ul> & <ol> in posts
      Berlin event news: Use relative links
      Berlin event news: Remove unnecessary escape seq
      Berlin event news: Try to be more enthusiastic
      docs/buy_in: Document QA advantages
      Berlin event news: Use relative URLs
      docs/buy_in: Document binary diff advantages
      docs/buy_in: Document easier build sys refactoring
      docs/buy_in: Document improved dev speed
      Add the definition of reproducible as drafted at the reproducible builds

Daniel Kahn Gillmor (3):
      native en_US speaker website tweaks
      added table for archive formats
      removed html-formatted table, now that we have it in markdown

Daniel Shahaf (10):
      resources: Fix stray end tag.
      Move mailing list from 'who' to 'resources'.
      events += IRC meeting
      Dummy commit to test the new IRC notifications.
      Another dummy commit to test the new IRC notifications.
      Add how-to-chair-a-meeting.md.
      how-to-chair-a-meeting += argument to #startmeeting.
      how-to-chair-a-meeting += Record #help items.
      how-to-chair-a-meeting: Minor clarification.
      fix formatting: buildinfofiles

David Bremner (1):
      Improve wording of the front page

Dhiru Kholia (1):
      Add Fedora to the list of projects

Dhole (1):
      Fixed some typos and orthography

Eitan Adler (1):
      Fix typo in FreeBSD mailing list

Emanuel Bronshtein (1):
      Change HTTP to HTTPS in links when applicable

Georg Koppen (1):
      Fix grammar, typos, and wordings

Hans-Christoph Steiner (1):
      add F-Droid as a project

Holger Levsen (218):
      fix typo, thanks to Taneli Vähäkangas for reporting.
      s#Coreboot#coreboot#g as this is the (correct spelling of the) project name
      sort projects in alphabetical order
      sort list of represented projects alphabetically
      link to tests.reproducible-builds.org/$1 instead of reproducible.debian.net/$1
      add URL to continuous tests of Fedora
      add news article about the Debian reproducible blog
      its april now. probably started this post too early in the morning…
      link and include Aspiration/OTFCommunityLab report about the Athens meeting
      create files directory to provide files for download~
      fix typo
      fix grammar
      updated Aspiration logo
      mention openSUSE
      patch by danielsh, thanks
      dummy change
      remove pointless 'now' to test updating the website via git pushes & jenkins job
      fix filename for openSUSE.png
      scale openSUSE logo down
      add lede-project.org to who's involved
      increase size
      hide the location a bit
      Revert the part "3. make footer items slighly darker" from "improve contrast & readability"
      explain that the meeting is open after registration
      Revert "hide the location a bit"
      start announcing which projects will participate
      fix formatting
      Arch Linux will be there
      add NetBSD
      improve formatting
      add sponsor section
      make Debian logo a bit smaller
      add FreeBSD
      add repeatr.io
      add Tails
      add NixOS
      add Qubes OS
      add news about the event in Berlin
      improve markdown
      add some more enthusiasm ;)
      add OpenSuSE
      Fedora will be represented too
      correct spelling, it's openSUSE
      close registration
      add Bazel
      add Ubuntu
      add coreboot, LEDE and OpenWrt
      add groupphoto
      registration is closed…
      fix html entity
      fix ligature
      make mailinglist links more visible
      try to force ordering
      Revert "try to force ordering"
      improve formatting
      link to meetbot.debian.net IRC meetings archives
      berlin2016: link to report by Guix project
      berlin2016: fix formatting and add GUIX post authors
      berlin2016: add report from Rok Garbas
      include people in link
      berlin2016: link report from Clemens Lang
      berlin2016: link report by Brett Smith
      berlin2016: fix formatting
      add link to https://blog.netbsd.org/tnf/entry/netbsd_fully_reproducible_builds
      berlin 2016: publish link by Aspiration about the event
      berlin-summit: add (unverified) pads from riseup, without interlinks yet
      more s#athens#berlin#g
      ifx typo
      fixup permalinks
      test proper links
      improve formatting
      fix formatting
      fix some links
      polish diffoscope pad
      minor tweaks
      some reformatting
      some more reformatting
      update report to latest version from Beatrice
      add FAQfeedback pad and do some formatting
      reorder and a bit of reformatting
      more formatting
      add first batch of post-it notes as pics
      format nicely
      improve formatting…
      Revert "markdown"
      berlin2016: add agenda brainstorming post-it notes
      berlin2016: add binary transparency 1+2 post-it notes
      berlin2016: add secure git post-it notes
      berlin2016: add user verification post-it notes
      berlin2016: add remaining post-it notes
      rename .JPG files to .jpg
      it's about the users
      fix formatting
      fix formatting
      fix linking and page title
      improve formatting (most notably: dont use level 1 headers, start with level 2, the page title is already level 1)
      format another one
      add fdroid image and some formatting fixes
      fix formatting
      resolve this confusion
      fix formatting for 'definition of r-b I+II'
      remove somewhat unclear TODO entry
      berlin 2016: user policies: fix formatting
      berlin2016: include rb-definition drawing by Eric Myhre. Dont link to .svg (yet?)
      berlin 2016: test infrastructure: fix formatting
      add news about reproducible builds hamburg hackathon
      add 2nd link visible in breadcrump view
      berlin 2016: gettext: fix formatting
      dont repeat the wiki page, shorter is more
      fix wrong search+replace
      try to fix large last line
      further tweak wording
      berlin2016: whatelse formatting
      berlin2016: more whatelse formatting
      berlin2016: SOURCE_PREFIX_MAP formatting
      berlin2016: documentationII formatting
      berlin2016: more SOURCE_PREFIX_MAP formatting
      berlin2016: more documentationII formatting
      berlin2016: more documentationII formatting
      berlin2016: bootstrapping formatting
      berlin2016: usescases formatting
      berlin2016: gpl-compliance formatting
      berlin2016: link securegit in agenda
      berlin2016: cross-distro formatting
      berlin2016: bootstrappingII formatting
      berlin2016: documenationIII formatting
      berlin2016: binary transparency II formatting
      berlin2016: link State-of-Reproducible-Builds in agenda<
      berlin2016: diffoscope debug and agenda formatting
      berlin2016: link 2017lookahead in agenda
      berlin2016: faqfeedback formatting
      bootstrappable.org is only available via http currently
      berlin 2016: turn some URLs into links
      berlin2016: some more formatting fixes
      berlin2016: fix gettext navigation
      hamburg hackathon: add link to blog post with report about the hackathon
      add page for RWS3 in Berlin 2017
      add 'Establish space for more strategic and long-term thinking than is possible in virtual channels' to meeting goals
      RWS3 will happen at Betahaus, Berlin
      fixup HTML syntax
      Berlin 2017: add first 4 participating projects - please tell me if we can add your project here too
      Berlin 2017: add link to Google maps and name the 2nd next subway station on a different line
      Berlin 2017: hide accidently added group pic from last year
      Berlin 2017: add disclaimer why only so few projects are listed
      Berlin 2017: add repeatr.io to participating projects
      Berlin 2017: add NetBSD and EdgeBSD to participating projects
      Berlin 2017: add Qubes OS to participating projects
      Berlin 2017: add coreboot to participating projects
      berlin 2017: add short paragraph explaining that registration is mandatory
      fix typo: s#a#b#
      berlin 2017: add Bazel
      rws3: add subuser.org
      rws3: make some sponsors visible
      rws3: add LEAP
      rws3: add LEDE
      rws3: add Arch linux
      rws3: add CoyIM
      rws3: add Google as sponsor
      rws3: s#research.google.com#opensource.google.com#
      rws3: add image and link for Ford Foundation
      rws3: actually add fordfound logo
      rw3: ford foundation logo resized
      rws3: increase space between logos
      rws3: s#fordfound.org#fordfoundation.org#
      rws3: add GNU Guix
      rws3-result: link full definition from start page
      rws3: add news about the event
      list all speakers of the dc17 talk
      rws3: add riot-os.org
      rws3: add F-Droid
      rws3: add OTF as sponsor
      Add Qubes OS to the list of involved projects - thanks to Andew David Wong
      documenation from r-b summit #3, as provided by Beatrice Martini from aspiration as .odt, exported to .txt
      oh distractions... fixup 1bd8db5: documenation from r-b summit #3, as provided by Beatrice Martini from aspiration as .odt, exported to .txt
      rws3: actually link _preliminary_ notes (help very welcome in finishing them)
      rws3: hide registration
      rws3: fix copy+paste error to make the notes visible
      rws3: its a kind of magic
      rws3: include PDF version of report by Aspiration and link to it
      rws3: we wont list more participating projects
      rws3: add archive-formats notes, need to be converted to markdown still…
      rws3: move agenda to its own page
      rws3: improve formatting
      rws3: put logo-design notes on its own page
      the nice thing about syntaxes is that there are so many to choose from…
      fix another syntax error
      rws3: liberate notes about agenda brainstorming
      rws3: add group photo
      fixup d0a4fa2a: rws3: add group photo
      rws3: link agendabrainstorming session
      rws3: cleanup some markup
      rws3: liberate notes about existing tools
      rws3: liberate notes about .buildinfo files
      rws3: fix link and add disclaimer that this is WIP
      rws3: liberate notes about RPM ecosystem
      rws3: link https://www.gnu.org/software/guix/blog/2017/reproducible-builds-a-status-update/ as a report for the summit
      rws3: liberate notes about user tools
      rws3: fix page title
      rws3: fix permalink
      rws3: try rewording the title and removing the colon
      rws3: use same session title in agenda
      rws3: liberate notes about 1st BUILD_PATH_PREFIX_MAP session
      rws3: fixup some markdown
      rws3: liberate notes about 1st bootstrapping session
      rws3: fix order
      rws3: was NOT sponsored by OTF
      add symfony.com, thanks to Javier Eguiluz for the patch
      add disclaimer: 94% reproducible in our current test framework
      emphasize communication work
      yocto: Binary Reproducibility is a feature

Joshua Lock (1):
      Link to Yocto Project on projects page

Jérémy Bobbio (25):
      Initial version of reproducible-builds.org website
      Fix links for Liquid versions who can't cope with line breaks
      Improve link to Git repository in footer
      Make link to the Git repository even better
      Use the right media-query for the footer
      Use non-breaking spaces to keep the license description whole
      Fix link to SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH specification
      Prevent git location to overflow on very small screens
      Add some lovely articles in the “buy-in” article
      Add NixOS to the list of projects
      Add Baserock to the list of projects
      Switch diffoscope URL to HTTPS
      Add Guix to the list of projets
      Add missing logo for Guix
      Fix links to CCC videos
      Add some information about the meeting in Athens
      Add sponsors for Athens 2015
      Add date on Anthens2015 page
      Advertise the rb-general mailing-list and IRC channel
      Remove off by one error spotted by Euphoricus on Reddit
      Add ElectroBSD to the list of projects
      Fix command-line option in Tar examples
      Adapt site templates to have space and navigation for event sub-pages
      Add agenda, minutes and links for the Athens meeting
      Fix YAML in one page header

Ludovic Courtès (2):
      Guix will be there
      Add links for Guix.

Mattia Rizzolo (2):
      use mailto: for linking FreeBSD mail
      Add contact information (ML) for Debian

Nicolas Vigier (1):
      Update tool used to build Tor Browser

Niko Tyni (4):
      Typo fixes
      Clarify status of Debian-patched SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH SUPPORT
      Grammar fix
      Fix repetition of "recorded"

Paul Gevers (4):
      Minor tweaks regarding readability
      More minor tweaks to improve readability
      Minor tweaks coming in...
      Some more website tweaks

Profpatsch (1):
      improve contrast & readability

Reiner Herrmann (1):
      Fix typos, grammar and add various wording improvements

Ulrike Uhlig (13):
      Add contact to Tails project
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.debian.org/git/reproducible/reproducible-website
      Add FreeBSD contact information
      Replace unrendered Unicode by it's HTML version
      Create separate page for talks and resources.
      Move talks to resources
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.debian.org/git/reproducible/reproducible-website
      Delete talk which was in there twice. Reorder talks by date.
      Add talk about RB in FreeBSD
      Add another FreeBSD talk and remove a trailing comma
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.debian.org/git/reproducible/reproducible-website
      Documentation about system images.
      Add link to system image documentation

Valerie R Young (2):
      Format changes for Documentation nav and Definition section
      successfully force ordering

Ximin Luo (4):
      rws3: format agenda.md to look like previous years'
      rws3: agenda: fix formatting of some lists
      rws3: agenda brainstorming: formatting and wording fixes
      rws3: move more agenda items out into sub-pages and rm extraneous spaces

anonmos1 (1):
      Replace root with 0

intrigeri (1):
      Add Tails to the list of involved projects.

kpcyrd (1):
      Add blog link to navigation

opi (1):
      Reduce home title on small screen.


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