[diffoscope] Test failures without "tlsh" module

Chris Lamb chris at reproducible-builds.org
Wed Jun 10 22:58:04 UTC 2020

Mattia Rizzolo wrote:

> > With it, the failed tests are down to 19:
> > https://www.fabiankeil.de/tmp/diffoscope-146.1-tests.txt
> FTR, a bunch of those errors were also reported at
> https://salsa.debian.org/reproducible-builds/diffoscope/-/issues/98

Indeed — may I suggest we move discussion of specific failures to the
GitLab instance?

Feel free to file a separate issue to the one above if you believe it
be distinct enough (I haven't looked in great detail be able to judge
myself) but splitting detailed code/test-oriented discussion between
the mailing list and the issue tracker is a little suboptimal. Thanks
for understanding. :)

Best wishes,

    ⬋   ⬊      Chris Lamb
   o     o     reproducible-builds.org 💠
    ⬊   ⬋

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