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Mattia Rizzolo mattia at debian.org
Thu Mar 1 13:50:38 CET 2018

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        at  e87c4b8   (tag)
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  replaces  90
 tagged by  Mattia Rizzolo
        on  Thu Mar 1 13:48:18 2018 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
diffoscope Debian release 91


Chris Lamb (32):
      Clarify "Unidentified file" log message as we did try and lookup via the comparators first.
      comparators.macho: If the If the LLVM disassembler does not work, try the internal one. (Closes: #886736)
      comparators.macho: Always strip the filename, not just when by itself.
      diffoscope.main: Don't shadow 'os' import.
      diffoscope.main: Tidy ListToolsAction argparse action command.
      presenters.html: Mark imports as noqa.
      diffoscope.main: Add spaces around operators.
      compararators.bzip: Drop unused os.path import.
      comparators.utils.container: Ensure we use a multiple of 4 spaces.
      comparators.utils.specialize: Ensure block comment starts with '# '.
      diffoscope.presenters.html: Tidy some long lines.
      diffoscope.presenters.html: Invert logic as we use unconditional control flow.
      tests.test_progress: flake8 file
      tests.utils.tools: Drop whitespace from end of file.
      diffoscope.comparators.zip: Drop unnecessary else after return
      tests.comparators.test_elf: Return "unknown" if we can't parse the readelf version number eg. for FreeBSD. We don't skip those tests; as they should still run. (Closes: #886963)
      Return '0' as the version if we can't parse one; it should be harmless.
      Flake8 comparators/json.py.
      Do some cheap fuzzy parsing to detect JSON files not named .json. (re. #888112)
      Reflow conditional for next commit.
      Also match unicode JSON files.
      Rework parsing for next commit
      Also look for "[" when fuzzy-matching JSON.
      Optionally compare JSON files using Python jsondiff module. (Closes: #888112)
      Report differences in extended file attributes when comparing files. (Closes: #888401)
      Sort output of xattr.get_all - according to listxattr(2) they are unsorted.
      debian: Add an explicit build-depends and recommends on e2fsprogs.
      Show extended filesystem metadata (etc.) even when directly comparing two files, not just when we specify two directories. (Closes: #888402)
      Don't require that presenter tests are run at a specific time and by, well, me.
      Drop debugging code in Android tests.
      Add support for comparing XMLBeans binary schemas.
      Add support for comparing Berkeley DB files. This is currently incomplete because the Berkeley DB libraries do not return the same uid/hash reliably (it returns "random" memory contents) so we must strip those from the human-readable output. (Closes: #890528)

Daniel Shahaf (2):
      diffoscope.diff: Document feeders. (Closes: #863880)
      Optimize the common case of feeders. (Closes: #863879)

Juliana Oliveira (8):
      tests: test_progress: fixes python-progressbar test case
      tests: utils: tools: adds support for modules on skip_unless* annotations
      {tempfiles, utils.archive}: catches FileNotFoundError
      comparators: java: adds support for procyon-decompiler
      {command, feeders, diff}: replaces subprocess.Popen by .run
      {command, zip, feeders}: replaces .wait by new .returncode property
      comparators: utils: command: removes .wait
      comparators: utils: command: replaces .stderr_content by .stderr

Mattia Rizzolo (11):
      d/clean: remove .cache/
      tests/android: skip tests involving abootimg on BE archs (see Debian's #725729)
      diff: wrap long regular expression for improved readability
      comparators/java: wrap some lines
      comparators.json: fix UnicodeDecodeError with a non-UTF8 locale.
      d/copyright: update for the new year.
      d/control: Bump Standards-Version to 4.1.3, no changes needed.
      d/rules: simplify.
      comparators.json: fixup 7b8998e for py < 3.6: decode the input if we get that far to try a .load()
      Draft changelog for v91
      Release v91

Ximin Luo (3):
      Mostly restore the behaviour of file comparison and --exclude-directory-metadata
      Fix test by running compare_root_paths to set global defaults
      More long-term fix for the shared-singleton issue


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       new  b32d1c4   Release v91

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