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Mattia Rizzolo mattia at debian.org
Sat Sep 23 03:09:34 CEST 2017

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mattia pushed a change to annotated tag 87
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        at  00dca16   (tag)
   tagging  2a93894fda533f244885f0c4365545645ab058c6 (commit)
  replaces  86
 tagged by  Mattia Rizzolo
        on  Fri Sep 22 20:13:54 2017 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
diffoscope Debian release 87


Chris Lamb (24):
      Loosen matching of file(1)'s output to ensure we correctly also match TTF files under file 5.32.
      comparators.utils.file: Correct reference to path_apparent_size.
      diffoscope.diff: Correct reference to self.buf.
      Make failing a some flake8 tests cause the testsuite to fail. (Currently just "undefined name")
      Don't use a setup.cfg for flake8 tests as it makes it difficult to use it locally in non-selective mode.
      test_cpio: Check we identify all CPIO fixtures.
      test_cpio: PEP8 file.
      comparators.fsimage: Tidy module.
      Add optional support for binwalking to find (eg.) concatenated CPIO archives. (Closes: #820631)
      Remove blank lines from end of flies.
      Remove unused imports.
      Remove extraneous whitespace around parens.
      Compare None using identify, not equality.
      tests.comparators.test_rpm: PEP8 file
      RPM files are .cpio but let's always leave it to the RPM comparator.
      Further cosmetic fixups.
      comparators.binwalk: Expand comment on why we need to manually detect RPM files in the binwalk comparator.
      setup.py: No need for try-assert-except block.
      test.comparators.test_containers: Flake8 file.
      diffoscope.comparators.deb: Tidy module.
      diffoscope.main: Print a debugging message if we are reading diff from stdin.
      diffoscope.presenters.html: Use logging.py's lazy argument interpolation.
      debian/control: Bump Standards-Version to 4.1.0.
      comparators.utils.specialize: Compare types with identity not equality.

Juliana Oliveira Rodrigues (6):
      tests: presenters: skip html_visuals test if 'sng' binary is not available
      comparators: utils: compare: fixes comparison between container types
      comparators: utils: container: added get_path_name method
      comparators: gzip: replaced dest_path gen by self.get_path_name
      comparators: bzip2: replaced dest_path gen by self.get_path_name
      tests: comparators: added test_containers.py

Mattia Rizzolo (31):
      retroactively close a bug in an old changelog entry.
      fix pep8 E111
      fix pep8 E125
      fix pep8 E127
      fix pep8 E131
      fix pep8 E731
      fix pep8 E128
      fix pep8 E201,E202
      fix pep8 E203
      fix pep8 E231
      fix pep8 E261
      fix pep8 E228
      fix pep8 E251
      fix pep8 E303
      fix pep8 E305
      fix pep8 E306
      fix pep8 E502
      fix pep8 E701
      fix pep8 E711
      fix pep8 E713
      fix pep8 E302
      fix pep8 E122
      fix pep8 E302 in the tests
      setup.py: add a check to prevent people from installing diffoscope under python < 3.4 (i.e. python2) and give them a usable error message otherwise
      config: pep8ize
      d/rules: place "before" commands before the "after" commands.
      Changelog for v87
      d/rules: avoid overwriting PYBUILD_BEFORE_TEST when running on jenkins
      d/rules: also concatenate properly the command…
      Release v87

Ximin Luo (16):
      Bump minimum version to 3.5, we use syntax introduced by PEP 448
      readers: Convert bytes to str in the right place
      presenters/html: prune all descendants properly (Closes: #875281)
      presenters/html: don't show pointer-cursor when jquery is disabled
      presenters/html: restore the previous more-detailed comment
      comparators: add a --force-details flag for debugging
      tests/comparators/test_deb: Update test for new string
      tests/comparators/test_deb: make test_md5sums less brittle
      comparators/deb: if --force-details then don't skip files with identical md5sums either
      comparators: add a fallback_recognizes to work around file(1) #876316. (Closes: #875282)
      comparators: add a test for fallback_recognizes and improve the behaviour
      tests: add a test case for #875281
      diff: use diff_split_lines everywhere
      difference: in fmap/map_lines, don't forget about self._visuals
      difference: also copy self._comment properly, compare self._visuals in equals()
      config: force-set a value if it must be < another, and it was not set on purpose (Closes: #875451)


This annotated tag includes the following new commits:

       new  2a93894   Release v87

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