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 tagged by  Chris Lamb
        on  Sun Jun 18 16:02:11 2017 +0800

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Release 83.


Chris Lamb (22):
      Prevent a traceback when using --new-file with containers by passing progress_name of the Member and not the member itself. (Closes: #861286)
      Tidy comparators.{gif,image,png}
      Refactor html and text presenters so they fit the same Presenter interface.
      Split output and configuration of presenters.
      Prevent abstraction-level violation by defining visual diff support on the Presenter classes.
      Refactor Presenter to a singleton manager
      Drop passing has_differences around, fixing an issue with generating files called '-'
      Test that we do not recursively unpack archive quines. See <https://research.swtch.com/zip> for more information.
      Add (failing, kinda..) tests re. #780761.
      Don't fail when run under perversely recursive input files. (Closes: #780761)
      Add comparator for Fontconfig cache files.
      Reword comment.
      Remove extraneous whitespace around cmdclass invokation
      Reorder and rename FIFOFeeder arguments to prevent tools incorrectly parsing as a SyntaxError.
      Explicitly specify keepends=True over comment.
      PEP8-ify some files.
      Tidy diffoscope/difference.py
      Split diffoscope.difference into feeders.
      Document the 'h' variable in our raw_feeder
      Merge branch 'experimental'
      Release 83
      Update debian/changelog for version 83.

Maria Glukhova (10):
      Add visual comparison for JPEG and ICO images.
      Add visual comparison for PNG and static GIF images.
      Tests for visual comparison.
      Ignore text difference if we have a visual one.
      Reflow indentation for visual differences.
      Rename html_output to compute_visual_diffs and explain its purpose.
      Removed duplicated functions from diff.py.
      Test that external tools providers are being returned when tool is not found.
      Add tests for OutputParserError and ContainerExtractionError.
      Fix link formatting and typo in README.

Mattia Rizzolo (3):
      d/rules: export junit-xml style test report when building on jenkins
      d/rules: trying to put an $(info…)
      d/rules: \t can't go there

Ximin Luo (40):
      Remove unnecessary "dest" args to argparse
      Add --max-container-depth CLI option
      When enforcing max-container-depth, show which internal files differ, without showing details
      Fix --exclude control.tar.gz
      Make the progress bar play nicely with --debug
      Fix failing tests due to stupid logging global state
      Refactor DirectoryContainer to be more similar to Container
      progress: weigh elements by their size
      progress: weigh future elements by the already-extracted sizes of previous elements
      - fix
      Refactor Container abstract method names to be more obvious in what they do
      Remove unused imports and tidy up Container.comparisons()
      rename get_{filtered => adjusted}_members_sizes for consistency
      Allow the "source" param to overridden compare() methods to be given as a positional argument
      Add myself to contributors and move Mattia further up (more commits)
      Add tips about running with TMPDIR=/run/shm
      Tentative fix for #863636
      Begin preparation for diff-loading logic
      - fix typo
      Fix json presenter and handle recursion properly, it was completely wrong
      Add a reader for the json format
      JSONReaderV1: fail if version != 1
      Refactor: move tests/comparators/utils up one directory
      progressbar: avoid div-by-zero
      contextlib.contextmanager yields need to be wrapped in a try-finally block
      W T F
      Add a --exclude-command CLI for filtering out long-running commands like "readelf --debug-dump=info"
      Goddammit python!
      Revert "Tentative fix for #863636"
      Add a size() method to Difference and check that self._visuals is empty in get_reverse()
      Fix create_limited_print_func
      Don't show +/- controls for differences with no children
      Use unicode chars for the +/- controls instead of hacky punctuation
      Make tests less brittle and remove pointless cases
      html-dir: show/hide diff comments, which can be very large
      Refactor html-dir presenter to be a class instance, avoiding global state
      Move side-by-side and linediff algorithms to difference.py
      Add various traverse_* methods to Difference
      difference: has_children -> has_visible_children, and take into account comments
      More ydiff/linediff from diffoscope.{difference => diff} to group unified_diff related things together

anthraxx (1):
      tools: extend external Arch Linux tools


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