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 tagged by  Mattia Rizzolo
        on  Mon Jul 31 22:39:16 2017 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
diffoscope Debian release 85


Chris Lamb (8):
      comparators.Directory: Revert the removal of this try-except. (Closes: #868534)
      comparators.directory: Tidy module.
      comparators.sqlite: Simplify file detection by rewriting manual `recognizes` call with a `Sqlite3Database.RE_FILE_TYPE` definition.
      comparators.apk: APK files can also be identified as "DOS/MBR boot sector". This is reasonably safe unless you have a real boot sector with an .apk extension. Thanks to Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans at eds.org> for the report and testcases. (Closes: #868486)
      Set correct attribution for Juliana's XML comparator.
      comparators.xml: Use 4-spaces, not 2-spaces for Python code.
      Misc style fixups to XML comparator.
      comparators.xml: Fix EPUB "missing file" tests; they ship a META-INF/container.xml file.

Guangyuan Yang (1):
      Fix 2 cases in test_device on FreeBSD

Juliana Oliveira Rodrigues (6):
      comparators.xml: fixes test_xml_expected_diff output encoding to UTF-8
      comparators.xml: re-enable XML comparator
      tests: comparators.apk: fixed imports format
      comparators.xml: refactored to use File.recognizes logic
      comparators.xml: add support for defusedxml library if available
      tests: comparators.image: fixes test_ico_image for identify >= 6.9.8

Juliana Rodrigues (3):
      Add new XML comparator. (Closes: #866120)
      comparators.xml: fixes test_android_manifest from test_apk
      comparators.xml: fixes test_no_android_manifest from test_apk

Mattia Rizzolo (9):
      Move from the deprecated platform.linux_distribution() to the external package distro
      tools: add a get_package_provider() function, returning the package name that best matches the system
      exc: in RequiredToolNotFound.get_package(), just call the new get_package_provider()
      d/rules: recommends the defusedxml python package, to avoid using the python3's standard xml library and its security holes
      d/rules: sort the dh_python3's options
      use full URL instead of bug # only: diffoscope is not a Debian only project :)
      exc: drop unused import (leftover from wip)
      Changelog for v85
      Release version 85

Ximin Luo (9):
      comparators/directory: actually fix #868534 by expecting less strict test output
      comparators/directory: misc tidy-up changes
      main, logging: restore old logger settings to avoid pytest vomiting in certain situations
      Let's avoid plonking everything in the "DOS/MBR" category
      comparators/apk: less kludgy way of detecting APKs
      comparators: temporarily disable the XML comparator so I can test the APK stuff
      comparators: factor common logic from various comparators into File.recognizes
      comparators: more tidying up and making names consistent
      Force a flush when writing output to diff. (Closes: #870049)


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