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  replaces  70
 tagged by  Chris Lamb
        on  Wed Feb 8 13:02:14 2017 +1300

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Release version 71


Brett Smith (2):
      diffoscope.diff: Improve FIFO writing robustness. (Closes: #852013)
      diffoscope.diff: Improve FIFO writing robustness.

Chris Lamb (68):
      comparators: Tidy re_tests with list comprehensions and implicit "x, y" unpacking over indexing; lambda/filter is not idiomatic Python 3.
      tests.presenters: Prevent FTBFS by loading fixtures as UTF-8 in case surrounding terminal is not Unicode-aware. (Closes: #852926)
      diffoscope.diff: Drop unused 'contextlib' import.
      Revert "diffoscope.diff: Improve FIFO writing robustness. (Closes: #852013)"
      Revert "diffoscope.diff: Drop unused 'contextlib' import."
      Add docs about releasing signed tarballs.
      Update documentation regarding git archive --prefix
      README.rst: Drop the incomplete list of external tools.
      Add tests for comparing a device with a regular file fails (re. #850055)
      comparators.Device: Use our logger instance, not the top-level logging module.
      comparators.Device: Log when "other" is not a device.
      Add watch file with cryptographic signature verification.
      comparators: Don't report on test coverage for some internal error messages.
      comparators.squashfs: Consistently use double-quotes in human-readable exception messages.
      comparators.image: Correct location of noqa stub for imagemagick calls.
      tests.comparators: Add test for symlink differing in destination.
      tests.comparators.utils: Add a get_data helper method
      Don't write "fixture" file - was left in from previous commit(s)
      tests.comparators: Avoid DRY violations by using new 'get_data' method.
      comparators.elf: Mark abstract/example method as "noqa" for coverage
      diffoscope.diff: Use %r over %s & repr(line)
      diffoscope.exc: Tag nother impossible-to-reach-in-tests code with "noqa"
      tests: When comparing two empty directories, ensure that the mtime of the directory is consistent to avoid non-deterministic failures.
      comparators.ps: Add "noqa" stub when missing ps2ascii.
      tests: Also test whether the 2nd source of a difference is a string, not just the first
      tests: Smoke-test test profiling output.
      tests: Test that we ignore invalid JSON files correctly.
      comparators.cpio: Drop CpioContent command now that we use libarchive.
      comparators: Use a singleton to manage our Comparator classes.
      tests: Reload Comparators after every test so we are always in a consistent state.
      tests: Ensure we can at least import the "deb_fallback" and "rpm_fallback" modules.
      tests: Test RPM "fallback" comparison.
      tests: Test Deb{Changes,Buildinfo,Dsc} fallback comparisons.
      README.rst: Merge in content from CONTRIBUTING.
      README: We are not Debian-specific anymore.
      progress: Reset prorgress bar internal statee after every test run.
      tests: Smoke test --progress output.
      progress: Rewrite StatusFD to take a file object, not a file descriptor.
      tests: Test the --status-fd output.
      debian/control: Add python3-progressbar as a test dependency.
      Add a machine-readable JSON output format. (Closes: #850791)
      Drop debugging code from previous commit.
      comparators.symlink: Drop strange debugging message.
      Fix errors when comparing directories with non-directories. (Closes: #835641)
      comparators.utils: Don't uselessly run xxd(1) on non-directories.
      comparators.utils: Tidy code that calls cmp(1)
      diffoscope.presenters: Split non-utils out of utils presenter.
      comparators.debian: Tidy formatting, etc to make it more VCS-friendly.
      comparators.debian: Drop DOT_CHANGES_FIELDS
      comparators.Debian: Further tidying.
      Add missing trailing )
      comparators.Debian: Show results from debugging packages last (Closes: #820427)
      diffoscope.presenters: Move output size utilities and exceptions out of HTML-specific presenter module.
      diffoscope.presenters: Move base Presenter class to "utils" module.
      presenters: Add a Presenter.start method to simplify logic.
      presenters.text: Apply --max-report-size to --text reports. (Closes: #851147)
      comparators.utils: Improve "Unpacking.." log message to include the source.
      compare_files: Improve "Comparing files X and Y" debug message.
      comparators.utils.container: Tidy formatting.
      diff: Use diffoscope.tempfiles over tempfile.TemporaryDirectory to ensure cleanup at end of diffoscope run.
      diff: Use os.path.join over manual path manipulation.
      main: Clean all temp files in signal handler thread instead of attempting to bubble exception back to the main thread. (Closes: #852013)
      diffoscope.diff: Drop contextlib import.
      Split --report-size into --max-text-report-size - the defaults for each are not really compatible and --text should emit everything by default.
      presenters.utils: Fix behaviour of setting report maximums to zero (ie. no limits)
      presenters.utils: Tidy and optimise create_limited_print_func
      Release 71
      Release version 71

Holger Levsen (1):
      README: Keep history, explain this was started in Debian.

Mattia Rizzolo (1):
      Override the debian-watch-file-in-native-package lintian tag

Ximin Luo (2):
      Fix bug introduced in commit 36d1c964 that only worked "accidentally"
      Fix lazy expression, filter is lazy in python 3

anthraxx (1):
      tools: arch package changed from cdrkit to cdrtools


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