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Chris Lamb chris at chris-lamb.co.uk
Wed Apr 26 16:28:13 CEST 2017

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        at  3d93d70   (tag)
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  replaces  81
 tagged by  Chris Lamb
        on  Wed Apr 26 16:18:17 2017 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Release version 82


Chris Lamb (36):
      Add support for comparing Pcap files. (Closes: #858867)
      comparators.pcap: Show the delta, not the absolute time.
      tests.conftest: Clarify comment that we reset the locale after each test.
      Ensure tests and the runtime environment can locate binaries in /usr/sbin (eg. tcpdump)
      diffoscope.tools: Make @tool_required decorator strict rather than lazy.
      Provide a cleaner and more explicit solution to modifying the path to include /usr/sbin etc.
      Add a test to ensure that PATH is modified.
      Add a test for @tool_required raising RequiredToolNotFound.
      Don't assume that /sbin/init exists; locate any /sbin binary manually and then test for that. This should prevent FTBFS on travis-ci.org.
      diffoscope.tools: Add internal documentation for @tool_required decorator.
      Use /usr/share/dpkg/pkg-info.mk over manual calls to
      diffoscope.main: Tidy --list-tools filtering.
      Tidy/clarify generation of debian/diffoscope.substvars
      Add missing suffix to substvars.
      wrap-and-sort -sa.
      Add support for PGP files via pgpdump. (Closes: #859034)
      Add support for .docx and .odt files via docx2txt & odt2txt. (Closes: #859056)
      Remove accidentally-added debian/changelog entry.
      README.Source: Document PYTHONPATH usage when running tests.
      debian/rules: Specify actual source of favicon.png via $@
      debian/rules: Reorder targets to approximately match runtime ordering.
      tests.conftest: Use pytest_configure hook intead of abusing import time.
      Tidy tests.conftest
      tests: Show Debian packages installed in test report.
      tests: Use dpkg-query over dpkg -l to avoid include the package short descriptions as they can trigger our log parser warnings.
      comparators.utils.file: Tidy _compare_using_details
      comparators.bzip2: Don't print error output from bzip2 call.
      Don't crash on invalid archives, printing a useful error instead. (Closes: #833697)
      Ensure r-base-core is available when testing.
      Tidy imports
      rdata: Drop unused rdx_bname
      rdata: Invert logic to remove indentation level
      rdata: Tidy some long lines
      Add support for comparing Ogg Vorbis files.
      Release 82
      Release version 82

Mattia Rizzolo (1):
      debian: Use the experimental branch

Vagrant Cascadian (4):
      Add support for .dtb (device tree blob) files (Closes: #861109).
      Add tests for .dtb files.
      test_dtb: Remove needless "import subprocess". Thanks lamby!
      test_dtb: Add versioned dependency on fdtdump/device-tree-compiler (>=

Ximin Luo (3):
      Add support for R rds and rdb object files
      rdata: don't break if the .rdx isn't present
      rdata: rm cmdline indents, looks nicer in output; add Rscript to external-tools

anthraxx (1):
      tools: adding pgpdump Arch Linux package mapping

beuc at beuc.net (1):
      Display differences in zip platform-specific timestamps. (Closes: #859117)


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