[diffoscope] Support for --ignore-profile flag in diffoscope

Satyam Zode satyamzode at gmail.com
Wed May 11 14:19:12 CEST 2016

Hi, all !
I am Satyam Zode, I am GSoC student intern (http://satyamz.github.io
I am trying to understand the problem "Allow users to ignore arbitrary
differences"  ( --ignore-profiles flag) in which diffoscope users will be
able to ignore arbitrary differences. This problem is also described in
diffoscope wishlist (https://reproducible-builds.org/events/athens2015/
I have started thinking about the solution of this problem and for that, I
want to know as a diffoscope user, what kind of stuff would you like to
ignore ? Such as any irrelevant differences which are just making noise and
Currently, I am looking at pkg-diff (provided by OBS) code because it's
able to ignore some kind of stuff (Lunar has suggested me to have a look at
pkg-diff to get an idea about this problem) . I kindly request you all to
express your views and expectations regarding this particular problem :)

Thanking you!
*Satyam Zode*
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