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Chris Lamb chris at chris-lamb.co.uk
Sun Aug 14 01:31:05 CEST 2016

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        at  754ebc3   (tag)
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  replaces  56
 tagged by  Chris Lamb
        on  Sun Aug 14 00:23:33 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Releasing version 57


Chris Lamb (37):
      Add try.diffoscope.org command-line client to save installation of dependencies
      Tidy PROVIDERS dict in diffoscope/__init__.py
      bin/trydiffoscope: Open files in binary mode to support comparing binary files.
      bin/trydiffoscope: Optionally open URL in web browser
      bin/trydiffoscope: Optionally poll locally until result is available.
      bin/trydiffoscope: Move to version 2 of API, don't continue to poll on error
      Highlight lines via HTML/CSS when hovering over a line to make it easier to visually track.
      Add a JSON comparator.
      Add tests for JSON comparator.
      Move parsing to JSONFile.recognizes
      Ensure decode errors in JSON comparator are not fatal.
      Ignore /.*eggs and /.cache - they get created when running tests.
      Tidy OS_NAMES dict.
      Correct indentation levels in various files.
      Drop unused imports.
      Raise NotImplementedError() instances over NotImplemented classes.
      platform.get_linux_distribution() will break in Python 3.7.
      Don't name first argument of Difference.from_command "cls" as it's not a classmethod.
      comparators/directory.py: Call logger.warning over logger.warn.
      Rename diffoscope.__main__ to diffoscope.main as its not a "real" magic name
      Rename debian/install -> debian/difoscope.install now we have multiple binary packages.
      Reflow long dh_python3 call in debian/rules.
      Print "no package mapping" in --list-tools to stderr, not stdout.
      Use dict.get fallback to shorten OS_NAMES lookup in --list-tools.
      Output --list-tools in RFC822 format to make parsing less brittle.
      Remove unused ``reduce`` import
      Reflow long PROVIDERS lookup in --list-tools handling.
      Drop "Testsuite: autopkgtest" in debian/control; it is added automatically by dpkg-source version 1.17.11.
      Add .travis.yml from http://travis.debian.net/
      bin/trydiffoscope: Correct and improve help text.
      Add short option for trydiffoscope --url
      Rewrite trydiffoscope to match diffoscope's command-line API
      Use keepalive in trydiffoscope client to avoid new HTTP requests.
      Update test_list_tools test.
      Add myself to Uploaders.
      Don't always skip squashfs test_listing test; we can workaround it as long as we have a uid 1000.
      Release version 57

Mattia Rizzolo (10):
      autopkgtest: be more verbose when running the tests
      debian/rules: be more verbose when running the tests, in particular, show why tests are being skipped
      debian/control: mark build-dependency needed only for tests with a <build profile
      default-jdk-headless is enough to have javap, instead of all of defaul-jdk
      debian/control: add more build-dependencies to be able to run more tests at build time
      debian/rules: teach pybuild where to put diffoscope's files
      debian/rules: workaround dh-python's bug related to build profiles
      Remove build profiles, as they break dh-python
      Revert "debian/rules: workaround dh-python's bug related to build profiles"
      do not try to execute the command if the command is not available

Ximin Luo (9):
      Add support for reading LLVM bitcode files
      Add support for reading Rust LLVM object files
      Add test for rlib files, helping also to test ArFile, LlvmBitCodeFile and RustObjectFile
      Ignore line numbers because different llvm-dis versions output extra metadata
      Fix failing directory test
      Add support for reading the symbol table to ArFile
      Disable the llvm-dis test if the version is lower than 3.8
      Fix typo in tool_older_than
      Remove debugging print from tool_older_than

anthraxx (1):
      skip rlib test if llvm-dis tool is missing


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